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Why Burmese

There are so many pedigree cats to choose from so here is a brief outline of the Burmese breed…

Burmese cats are slender and elegant, yet compact. Their head is more of an equilateral triangle than the long-pointed face of the Siamese.


They are a medium to small sized cat with a well-muscled body, giving the impression that they feel heavier than they look.

The coat is short, glossy and close-laying; not in need of brushing, unless you or the cat wants it.
While they enjoy communicating, they are not as vocal as Siamese or half as demanding.


In short:
Exotic in appearance
Easy to maintain
Highly intelligent and loyal
Affectionate: humans, cats, even dogs receive loving attention
True family cat: loving, always playful and friendly
Ideal companion cat; recommended breed for special needs companionship

My Cats

Lea Burmese CatsAt present I have 3 females (one neutered) and my own stud male. These cats are my passion and bring me pleasure each and every day.

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