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About Me

I think I was born a cat lover. Our home always had two or three beloved moggies and when I was about 11, my dearest aunt gave me my very own boy, Mister Wigg. He was my best companion throughout my teenage years.

We moved to County Tipperary in 1979 and began our lives with a series of cats/kittens around us. We managed to be talked into taking two half-Siamese kittens and these became our first real family pets. From these we progressed to trying a full seal-point Siamese – a surprise present to me from my husband.


“Ceefa” was a beautiful animal, far nicer looking than the very pointy-faced Siamese bred nowadays. However, I was not ready for this challenge. A Siamese cat is the ideal pet for somebody in need of something to fill their time. At the time I had mine, I also had a young, increasing family and various other livestock commitments.


My cat did not understand my divided loyalties at all and demanded full-time attention, which I was not always able to give him. He was a real character, noisy and demanding.

But our relationship was not the smoothest. His natural curiosity was such that on at least two occasions he was taken away in visitors’ vehicles – returned to us asap as he was such a pest. Eventually he disappeared – stolen or strayed, we never found him.

So I decided to try the BURMESE breed about 15 years ago. I immediately knew I’d made the right choice. My first lady, Lia, was a blue Burmese and I loved her dearly. Now long gone, she holds a huge place in my heart and memory. I was blessed to be able to register as a breeder and, with the help of a good friend, began to live a small dream of mine – surrounded by cats and kittens.

My cats are pets first and foremost. I do not take them to shows at all. They live their lives as family pets and as naturally as possible. I have heated outdoor runs and houses for use when necessary, and they are only restricted when needs be for their health or safety.


All veterinary needs are taken care of to the best of my ability – regular vaccinations, worm and flea treatments and the very best food I can lay my hands on. All my cats and kittens are GCCFI registered.

My Cats

Lea Burmese CatsAt present I have 3 females (one neutered) and my own stud male. These cats are my passion and bring me pleasure each and every day.

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GCCFI - Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Ireland - visit websiteRegistered prefix: Garranlea

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