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Why Burmese

"I was drawn to you because of the following:
· Your professional website with LOTS of pictures of your cats and your kittens;
· Your prompt and open response to my enquiries;
· The fact your website had lots of testimonials, including one from another breeder;
· You were very open about NOT showing the cats and that they are part of your family (not everyone wants to show their cats!);
· You are GCCFI registered;
· You were happy for me to visit at any time, in your home;
· Your flexibility in holding the kittens for me and your patience in waiting for the deposit."


"Robin is 11 years and counting!! She is my spoilt rotten bundle of joy whom I have had 11 years of laughter and lunacy with.
I could write a book on the life and times we've had together as like all burmese she is a character to put it mildly!."


"It was a pleasure to deal with Nikky in buying our lovely Burmese. From the really helpful photos she emailed to the warm welcome at her lovely home.
"Boo" is now a fabulous young cat with oodles of personality and very affectionate, a real companion and member of the family and so handsome!
Thanks Nicky."


"Got a beautiful lilac female kitten in May 2010. She has grown into a beautiful cat but does seem to think she's a dog. Her best mate is not the other cats but the Chihuahua!! Thanks Nikky. "

Lynne & Mag.



"Trudy is a delight. She purrs as soon as you touch her and is the sweetest (and naughtiest) little thing"





"Thank you for choosing Mabel for us - she is everything we wanted. She adores my son and sleeps with him every night. Thanks again for a wonderful, affectionate, clever, loyal and gentle little cat"





Isajen Burmese "When I first met Nikky in 2006 I had no doubts about selling her Isajen Missi Purisima as a kitten for breeding. She is a super person with a passion for the Burmese breed. Over the years we have kept in contact with emails and photos and I was delighted this year, 2011, to be able to breed for her a new stud boy, Isajen Redrose Countyrebel. Again I had no second thoughts about this as I knew he would have the best home possible with Nikky and her lovely family. Nikky's cats are family members and her kittens grow up happy and well socialised.....a Purrfect combination......as her new owners will testify"

Margaret Andrews.




My Cats

Lea Burmese CatsAt present I have 3 females (one neutered) and my own stud male. These cats are my passion and bring me pleasure each and every day.

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