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  • All kittens are cared for and lovingly reared by their mother and me.
  • Young kittens can be viewed at home providing they are of a reasonable age, by private arrangement
    with me.
  • It is customary practice to pay a deposit on a chosen kitten to act as security for both parties until the
    kitten is ready for collection.
  • By 13 weeks, all registration with GCCFI is complete and the kitten is ready for its new home, with
    paperwork, upon full payment.
  • Kittens are wormed regularly to date of collection and provided with a veterinary certificate of
  • Please feel free to contact me if no kittens are available and you are interested in a
    future litter

May 2024


Hello everybody. We have three lovely kittens. Toddy crossed with Phoebe gave us 3 beauties. The little female is an attractive Burmilla type and the 2 boys could be pure chocolate Burmese. Little sweeties. If you are interested, drop me an email. 

All cats well here and enjoying the warmer (and drier) weather. It dooes the heart good to see them laying out in a patch of sun. If we only had time to do that ourselves...


But I am going on a rant here. This is on behalf of all Breeders I'm sure. 

One of my new owners dropped out suddenly and so I began the process of contacting interested parties by email. Despite my asking kindly if they would let me know whether or not they were still looking for a kitten, only one replied. This is not helpful. Please take care, if you make enquiries with Breeders, to update them on your situation if they are kind enough to contact you with the offer of a kitten.

The babies will find wonderful homes anyway. We just strive to please as many potential new owners as possible.

 Thank you.



Last year's cross between Toddy and Merry produced a range of very attractive kittens too. Another possibility for the future (when we all get over our current babies). 

Minding kittens properly is a full time job, but so rewarding when they eventually go to wonderful new owners.







Eventually I  had to make the desperately sad decision to let Mizzi go. She had been in the throes of kidney disease for a long time, ably supported by my local vets and Clare at the Cat hospital. Despite all this, she could no longer live as she was. There is a fantastic new service which cremates our beloved animals and my vets sent me a paw print and some of her fur. I will treasure everything, especially my memories of the most wondeful companion ever. Oh so sadly missed. There will never be another cat like my Mizzi.






My thanks to everybody who has shown an interest in my cats.


Those past owners who have been in touch: I thank you. It is always good to hear how the little ones are getting on. Wishing everyone all the best for the future, as always.


Now the serious bit.....


It has come to my attention that a certain breeder has been bad mouthing me out of bitterness and jealousy. Please do not pay any heed to these comments.


As a point of interest I will respond to some of the allegations, which are malicious and upsetting to say the least.


I have been accused of allowing the birth of kittens "in a shed". This is a total lie. My girls stay indoors and I sit with them until all the kittens are delivered, lending a hand and tidying up where it is needed. The babies are then kept inside with their mums until about 4-5 weeks when I am sure they are sturdy and getting about and usually staggering off to the litter tray by then! They are then moved to my custom built, heated cat houses out in the fresh air where they can play and learn and see all about them. At this point they are watched over constantly. As babies need attention full time you won't see me gadding about while I have kittens. I am always there to feed, change litter trays and generally take care of them at all times.

The kittens stay with me until well after their second primary vaccination at 12 weeks and I worm them just before they leave me, ensuring that the new owner can devote all their time to getting to know the healthy new family member.


My few cats are my pets first and foremost. My three girls live as natural a life as possible, both safe and comfortable in the house and out in the garden. This means I am not dragging them off to shows, so they have no rosettes. I do not need a medal to tell me my cats are beautiful!   We are a tight knit little group and happy that way. Breeding is for me an interest and a passion. There is no other purpose. I find it satisfying to see the babies grow up and find the marvellous new owners I am lucky enough to meet along the way.


I would never speak ill of another breeder and always refer people on if I do not have the kittens they are looking for. I am so sorry that a person has felt they should put me down in order to further their own endeavours. I can only imagine that they feel aggrieved that my cats and I are so happy and contented with our lives here together.


Any interested  person is welcome to visit my cats at any time, with restrictions only when the babies are very tiny and not to be handled, or mum disturbed. I have nothing to hide.



Now historically:


The Boyo,pictured below, continues to enjoy his life as a father. I always knew his offspring would be truly special as his is the most wonderful temperament  we have come across. We love him to bits (and he knows it too)!


And now, recently, our Toddy the bold has come into his own, producing wonderful kittens. If this is to be the end of a lovely journey with my Boyo, we will have plenty of future litters with theToddster.



Anyone is welcome to contact me at any time and see if I have news.



Please enjoy the photos below................I will update when I have new ones.